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Recovering from Exchange 2013 Website 404 Errors (ECP & OWA)

Last week we were commissioned by a client to implement a new Windows 2012 server, build Active Directory, and setup Exchange 2013.  It was a one pre-existing server solution with a small number of mailboxes.  A standard setup with Exchange configured for mailboxes, client access (OWA), Autodiscover, and Active Sync. Everything went smoothly, certificates were […]

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Helping an End User Survive a System Upgrade

Changing desktop PCs can be a traumatizing experience for a user.  Not only is the hardware replaced, but quite often the Operating System is upgraded to a newer version and the business applications and other software are also brought up to the latest and greatest version available.  To the user, radical changes to their virtual […]

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Help Desk Metrics

It is common to find companies running with just barely enough human resources to get by with the day to day work.  Unfortunately for the support technicians, that can make for a very difficult life trying to put out fire after fire, never really making any headway into the root cause of these fires. What […]

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Helping Your Support Staff Help You

Anyone who uses a computer will, at some point, inadvertently cause themselves technical difficulty.  It may be that you clicked on an email attachment that infected your computer.  You may have visited a website you shouldn’t have and became infected with malware.  Maybe you spilled a can of Coke on your keyboard and it’s died. […]

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