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Spring is coming…

Spring is coming (apparently), and with it comes the potential for flooding and severe weather that can cause a host of problems for the unprepared organization. While disasters and catastrophic events are unpredictable, and of course occur all year round, now is a great time to review or create your organization’s Disaster Recovery or Business […]

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Recovering from Exchange 2013 Website 404 Errors (ECP & OWA)

Last week we were commissioned by a client to implement a new Windows 2012 server, build Active Directory, and setup Exchange 2013.  It was a one pre-existing server solution with a small number of mailboxes.  A standard setup with Exchange configured for mailboxes, client access (OWA), Autodiscover, and Active Sync. Everything went smoothly, certificates were […]

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Backing Up Your Virtualized Environment

There are strong cases to be made for virtualization: Reduction in power costs Better utilization of hardware resources Easy transition to new hardware in the event of a host failure The list goes on.  But one application of virtualized service that is overlooked in many cases is a virtual system backup strategy. It is very […]

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Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

In recent years, one of the most popular topics in information technology today has been “Disaster Recovery”.  There are real experts, self-proclaimed experts, and snake-oil salesmen selling all manner of solutions. There are also big players like IBM and HP who can review how a company is using their data infrastructure and help to develop […]

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