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Technical Support

For technical support or remote assistance by a System Lifeline representative, please select from one of the following options.

  • For quick, or one-time support, select the QuickSupport option, which does not require installation.
  • For easier ongoing support, please select the MyHost option, which does require installation.



QuickSupport is ideal for users who do not wish to install any software on their computer, but still require remote assistance.
Since it does not require installation, it is ideal for users who do not have administrative privileges on their computer, or for those who require urgent assistance.

Get QuickSupport



MyHost is ideal for users who don’t mind installing software on their computer, and may require the convenience of remote assistance again in the future.
Once installed, users can simply click on the “Help Me” button inside the MyHost application for assistance by System Lifeline any time they require it.

Get MyHost