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Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a virtual phone system, ideal for businesses of any size, especially for multi-location offices. This can eliminate costly long-distance charges when calling between remote-offices across the country.

Below are some of System Lifeline’s world-class business telephony features which are included in all of our business packages, at no extra cost!

Self Service Customer Web Portal

Manage all of your users, extensions and call routing features through our user-friendly web based interface.
Taking collaboration a step further, you can create user groups for increased productivity. When proper permissions are granted, the members in a group are able to share their call history, voicemails or call recordings.

Auto-Attendant & Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Instead of directly ringing your phone, have the auto-attendant answer your calls. Play messages and provide callers with menu options. This is a quick and simple way to get calls routed to the right person, and can also make your organization appear to be larger than it is!

Example: “Thank you for calling System Lifeline. If you know the extention number of the person you are trying to reach..”

Unified Voicemail

Voicemail can be personalized, while messages left by callers may be automatically dispatched by email. Users can check them either over the phone or in the web management interface.

Call Centre Queues

Provide an improved customer experience with history-based queue routing. When this feature is enabled, queues will first attempt to connect callers to the agent they last talked to. This way, customers spend less time on the phone and agents are more efficient.

Cloud Calling

We made phone calls and related objects in the cloud just as accessible as any other cloud resources. You can call from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

Extension Virtualization

Any phone extension can be virtualized. This means that you can use any device, which will appear to be seamless to the caller.


Some companies are encouraging Bring Your Own Device model, even if they have strong security policies. You can use the extension virtualization feature to benefit from the advantages brought on by BYOD: faster adoption curve and better end-user experience.

Virtual Office

Even when traveling, you won’t be needing much to stay connected. Smartphones, tablets, laptops with broadband Internet connection, or even trusty analogue phones can easily pick up conversations where they were left off.


Take full advantage of Unified Communications. When voice is simply not enough, you can make video calls using a softphone on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Instant Messaging

The Instant Messaging function supports presence, virtual cards, file transfers, collaboration, and more. A wide range of Open Source and free Jabber/XMPP clients are available.


The conferencing functionality is comprehensive, ranging from simple conferences initiated from the phone keypad to scheduled conferences that require the definition of policies, participants, and conference time options.


This feature allows you to send and receive error-free faxes over the internet, even on poor quality connections. The fax server has also fax-to-email functionality, as well as email-to-fax.

Text to Speech

IVRs are easier to build with the high-quality Text2Speech technology. Converting text to natural speech has never been easier, even when English is not being used.


This feature allows users to monitor the status of their coworkers, as indicated by their phone devices. Presence is the first thing to check before calling or transferring any calls to your colleague.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Obtain public phone number from multiple cities. Show your customers that you’re local to them, and help reduce their long distance charge when they call you.