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We help your company avoid problems with critical systems by warning you of potential issues before they become problems


System Lifeline is your Elite local provider of Internet Access and IT Services. We are dedicated to helping your company avoid problems with critical systems by warning you of potential issues before they become problems. Proudly Canadian, we have been supporting businesses in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe since 2008.

All organizations rely on their data systems for day to day operations. All too often, an IT Department is unaware of a problem with a system until it is reported by an end user or client. Imagine stopping a potential problem in its tracks so your end users and stakeholders don’t have to experience frustrating technical issues and setbacks. Imagine having 0% downtime of email, websites, e-commerce, customer databases, etc.

Avoiding problems, rather than reacting to them, translates to higher productivity, fewer interruptions for customers/clients, and an IT department that can focus on improving your business and its technology, rather than “putting out fires”. You wouldn’t wait until your company was bankrupt to cut expenses, so why wait until your data systems have crashed to fix them?

System Lifeline can help your company to be proactive instead of reactive, and lets you focus on doing what you do best – running your business.

Let’s talk about how System Lifeline can help your business.

Our Services

IT Services

Support, maintenance, and consulting

Maximize uptime and efficiency with our full IT staff, 24/7 monitoring, and IT strategy consulting

Internet Access

Unlimited Internet for Business

System Lifeline provides both high-speed internet access options and private WAN solution for business


Business Voice Solutions

System Lifeline provides a wide range of voice solutions tailored to the needs of businesses


On Canadian Soil

We offer website & email hosting, spam filtering, hosted exchange, private & dedicated cloud computing resources


Let us worry about
your computer infrastructure

Trusted by leading companies in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe


Does this sound like you?

Tired of fussing with email configuration, worrying about security, or troubleshooting downed Internet? Looking to concentrate instead on your core expertise? Are you a small to medium-sized business in the Greater Toronto Area? You don’t have, and don’t want an in-house IT department. You just want things to work.

How about partnering with a local company that has been operating for over 15 years? We’re a small business too, so we understand the challenges and needs of a company operating in Ontario.

At System Lifeline, we can support you at the desktop and user level but also at the server and network level. We can keep your systems secure and backed up. Need to expand your systems? Ask us – we consult on the best solutions to your IT challenges. Or if you’re looking for connectivity – be it email, website, files, or phone – we’ve got you covered.

Ready not to worry about your infrastructure
and instead concentrate on your core business?