What are we selling in IT? Customer Service!

There are many skills and services that can make a successful IT company, but the most important is customer service.

As with any small, service oriented company, we are both a customer and a vendor.  When I receive outstanding customer service from a sales rep or account manager, that vendor becomes a trusted resource and will ultimately receive more business from me.  The opposite is also true; if we are given a good sales pitch but very little actual service, or if I feel my inquiries to our rep are dismissed or even unwanted, our business will soon go elsewhere.

So what is it that makes System Lifeline stand out among competitors?

  1. We pride ourselves on innovation.  There are no canned solutions for our customers.  While there are fundamental best practices we follow, each solution is developed and delivered based on the needs of the specific client, with no exceptions.
  2. We respect our clients’ businesses.  All businesses go through ups and downs, and the effort it takes for our team to become familiar with our customers’ businesses ensures we are providing the right solution, at the right time, for the right budget.
  3. We care and will always stand behind any solution we implement.  Integrity is held in the highest regard.  We demand it from our vendors and partners, and we provide it to our clients.

Do we have a team of highly skilled IT professionals with practical experience in areas ranging from infrastructure to security to rapid application development to systems analysis to business process applications, and so on?  Absolutely we do, and we’re proud of our technical proficiency.  But the skill that all of our professionals share of which we’re most proud is an absolute, unyielding commitment to customer service, and that starts with listening and learning.