We have a client currently using SharePoint 2007 to host their public facing website.  We received a call recently that one of the sections within their site was “missing” most of the items on the list that is displayed.  Looking in the backend, the list items still exist, however they are not being displayed by the page itself.

Of the list items that were displaying, the oldest of them would generate the error “Value does not fall within the expected range” when clicked on to view.

My theory was that there some piece of data saved within the list which was not being read properly (or understood) when the page is being rendered from the list items.

Among the fields in the list item are a couple of Date fields.

It then occurred to me in my Chrome browser I was no longer seeing the calendar control that I should see if I want to modify the date.

View in Modern Browser (Chrome)

View in Modern Browser (Chrome)

I then found an old server with Internet Explorer 8 installed and went to validate my theory.

View in Older Browser (IE 8)

View in Older Browser (IE 8)


View in Older Browser (IE 8) - Calendar Expanded

View in Older Browser (IE 8) – Calendar Expanded

Sure enough, in IE 8 I saw and was able to expand the familiar calendar control.  With this particular issue I was not even required to reset the date, but simply edit the list item in the old browser, save the item (even without any change), and then re-publish.

At this point it was just a matter of going through any of the list items that generated the error (as they had been modified and saved in a newer browser) and re-saving them using an older browser.

I realize SharePoint 2007 is not long for this world (and our client is in the process of migrating to SP 2013), but I hope this article can save someone else some frustration in the future.

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