Caller ID Name Not Displaying Accurate Data on Samsung Phones

The Problem:

You (or your business) own a phone number, and when calling a person with a Samsung Android phone, they report that your Caller ID Name does not match you/your company’s name, or;

You own a Samsung Android phone and when you receiving incoming call, the Caller ID name does not match what you expect for the incoming number.

The Cause:

Samsung Android phones come with a built-in feature called Samsung Smart Call.  This feature uses a third-party database to do lookups for incoming phones numbers, and displays the database information – instead of the Caller ID being provided by the carrier.

The idea behind this feature is to protect customers from potential spam calls, and, in theory, allow businesses to connect with their customers through features being built by the database provider, Hiya.

The issue is that this Hiya lookup database does not necessarily have accurate and up-to-date information recorded.

The Solutions:


I have a phone number and my Caller ID is not displaying properly, what can I do?

Although your Caller ID is set and sent down the line to the recipient’s device according to the Bellcore Caller ID standard (assuming you have System Lifeline or another reputable North American phone service provider), the Hiya-provided Samsung Smart Call feature will overwrite the Caller ID with the information in their database.

You (as the individual or business owner) must submit a request to Hiya in order to have your entry corrected. 

If you require technical assistance submitting your information to Hiya, please contact the System Lifeline help desk at or 905-497-7137 x2.

***Please note that while we can guide you in submitting your correction request this is not a System Lifeline issue, and we do not have control in any way over the Hiya database or the Samsung Smart Call application.


I own a Samsung Android phone, what can I do to prevent this?

After some testing, System Lifeline recommends disabling this feature on your Samsung phone:

  • Open your Phone application.
  • Access “Call Settings” from the menu.
  • Set “Caller ID and spam settings” to the “Off” position.