The Client is one of Canada’s largest online print companies, servicing the GTA and beyond with print solutions for business and personal needs.

The Problem

Primarily an e-commerce business, was dependent on their ISP and web server providers to keep their website up and running. Network outages and server changes often brought the business to a standstill, and the owner was frequently unaware of the problem until a customer called to ask why the website wasn’t functioning.

The Solution

Vendor Assessment and Monitoring – System Lifeline technicians worked with’s ISP and web server vendors to identify ongoing problems.

Recommendations – Working directly with the owner, System Lifeline recommended a simple monitoring solution which would provide 24/7 monitoring of critical web services, and alert the owner if there was any change or problem with the website.

The Results

“I’m now the first person to know when there’s a problem with my e-commerce platform, instead of the last“, says Shawn MacKinnon, Owner of, “System Lifeline took one of my biggest headaches and completely fixed it in a matter of hours.” now enjoys 100% up-time and a better vendor relationship, having System Lifeline as their knowledgeable advocate for web services.

“Recently, our web hosting company overwrote our site with an older version, causing outdated pricing to be displayed”, says Mr. MacKinnon, “Before System Lifeline, I wouldn’t have known about the problem until my first order came in with incorrect pricing. But now, thanks to the quick response from System Lifeline, we were able to fix the website problem before it affected our business.”

The Cost-Benefit

“I run an e-commerce company, but I don’t have to spend time worrying about the technical side of my business because I have System Lifeline doing it for me”, says Mr. MacKinnon, “I can focus on customer care and producing the best, high quality print products in the GTA, which more than offsets the cost of my monthly monitoring with System Lifeline.”