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Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

In recent years, one of the most popular topics in information technology today has been “Disaster Recovery”.  There are real experts, self-proclaimed experts, and snake-oil salesmen selling all manner of solutions. There are also big players like IBM and HP who can review how a company is using their data infrastructure and help to develop […]

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The Importance of Data Backups – Part 3 of 3

Step 3: Ensuring a Successful Backup took place Now that we have invested the time to create a proper backup strategy, with 3 copies of our data on our extended network or physical media, how do we determine this process takes place each night? The idea behind automating this type of process is that your […]

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The Importance of Data Backups – Part 2 of 3

Step 2:  Determine the Storage Strategy Storage strategy should be broken into three parts: Local storage (stored on the server itself.) Company storage (stored on a dedicated server on the company LAN.) Offsite storage (physically located off the company premises.) Local Storage: For all critical servers, create a local share (hidden if you need) on […]

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The Importance of Data Backups – Part 1 of 3

What can be done in the event of a catastrophic system failure that renders access to company data impossible?  In most cases, the first “real” test of the company’s data backup strategy is attempted, and a panicked IT team jumps into action looking for the most recent tape that hasn’t been lost or corrupted. A […]

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