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Voicemail WAV Files Won’t Play on Nexus 5

At some point last year my Google Nexus 5 stopped playing the voicemail WAV files sent to my corporate Exchange account. The error in the second image may vary slightly (video vs. audio file) but the net result is the same… can’t play the message.       By default the phone tries to use […]

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Recovering from Exchange 2013 Website 404 Errors (ECP & OWA)

Last week we were commissioned by a client to implement a new Windows 2012 server, build Active Directory, and setup Exchange 2013.  It was a one pre-existing server solution with a small number of mailboxes.  A standard setup with Exchange configured for mailboxes, client access (OWA), Autodiscover, and Active Sync. Everything went smoothly, certificates were […]

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