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Tethering: Explained

Whether you’re in a desolate area, travelling for business, or simply just cannot find a WiFi network around you, there is always a signal right in your pocket. If your cellular phone is modern enough to support tethering (Roughly newer than 5 years old) then chances are you have the opportunity to use your cellphone […]

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Voicemail WAV Files Won’t Play on Nexus 5

At some point last year my Google Nexus 5 stopped playing the voicemail WAV files sent to my corporate Exchange account. The error in the second image may vary slightly (video vs. audio file) but the net result is the same… can’t play the message.       By default the phone tries to use […]

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Why does Research in Motion Want Me To Purchase an Android or iPhone?

I have always been partial to BlackBerry smartphones.  I prefer the feel of a physical keyboard over an on-screen keyboard.  Research in Motion is a Canadian company, and their devices changed the way everyone (not just IT people) does business by removing the shackles that had most office worked connected to their PC for communication. […]

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