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System Lifeline keeps a history of the systems being monitored in your environment. This history is available to you at no extra cost. Simply log in to the convenient Web Interface, and you can see resource utilization, as well as extensive data related to the uptime of your systems.

Network Map

Network maps are diagrams – literally, graphical representations of your network – that can help the System Lifeline technicians clearly communicate where issues are occurring should a problem arise. System dependencies can be linked, cascading problems can be easily identified, and the actual location of the problem can be addressed. Rather than wasting time treating the symptoms of an issue, these maps allow our technicians to go directly to the heart of the problem and treat the root cause.

Example 1:
Your Blackberry Enterprise Server has database located on a separate SQL Server. If a problem occurs with the SQL server, the Blackberry Enterprise server may also fail. The network map clearly illustrates the dependency between these systems. While your company can be notified of both service interruptions, you can focus on bringing the SQL server back online, as you know the Blackberry Enterprise server will reconnect once the database is available.

Example 2:
A problem occurs with a server in a large data center. A System Lifeline technician calls to notify the technical support department of your situation, but the only person available is an on-call co-op student. With a clear network map, System Lifeline can not only alert him/her to the problem, we can provide clear instructions to locate the system, such as, “We have detected a problem with your Blackberry Enterprise Server. According to our network map, this server is located in the front right cabinet in your data center, 5th server from the top”.