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To have a truly stable environment one must have clarity into the status and performance of their IT systems and network.

As part of the System Lifeline family of clients you will benefit from our in-depth monitoring platform and our 24/7 response team.

Any system on your network can be monitored, and custom monitors can be creatively deployed to detect any outage that can occur. There are many standard monitors available upon the initial integration into our monitor system, some of which are:

% of disk space available
CPU usage
web page content
file age
ensure backups have run
email is functioning
windows services
critical processes running
many more

Thresholds can be set unique to your environment, and the response process is customizable to suit your needs. If you have systems that must be online 24/7, then our agents can be instructed to contact the appropriate staff or vendor at any time of day. You also have the ability to set different responses and/or contacts for different times of day. In many cases, the System Lifeline technical staff can resolve issues before the business is impacted, and simply provide you with an incident report for your records.

As a client, you can be granted access to our monitoring platform, allowing you to view in real time the status of your environment.

Strong monitoring and response procedures will compliment your disaster recovery or business continuity plans.