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Simplicity, Greater control, Lower Costs

System Lifeline partners with public and private educational institutions to deliver Unified Communications solutions that meet the needs of students, faculty, administration and IT.

System Lifeline’s solutions provides a single, centralized communications platform that integrates all campus locations to bring about a seamless delivery of service.

It empowers students, faculty and employees the flexibility to work and collaborate from any location, any time, from anywhere. This solution is transforming higher education communications with great features like campus-wide notifications, integration with administrative systems, and scalability.

Our technical specialists can help you assess your current infrastructure and develop a roadmap to create a sound platform for your communication needs.


There is no need to build, manage and maintain separate voice and data networks via legacy phone systems spread across your campus.  System Lifeline’s unified communications replaces this with a single IP solution that runs over your existing data network.

By selecting a single communications solution for the offices, class rooms, student accommodation, libraries and athletic facilities, infrastructure costs will fall dramatically as the IT team eliminates duplicate resources and centralize communications management.

We host the solution in the cloud, so students and staff can work and collaborate in the classroom, library, dorm or anywhere around the campus on any device. Cloud-based mobility extends beyond the campus for students and staff who work from home, or staff who are attending conferences in this country or overseas.

Major Cost Savings

System Lifeline can either deploy the service on your existing infrastructure to protect your investments or provide a cloud-hosted solution.

If you prefer to retain your existing infrastructure or have various commitments with other partners to limit change, we can still utilize this existing data network to deploy the service.

System Lifeline has developed its own hosted solution where we would monitor and maintain your network.

By reducing your infrastructure footprint, you then able to reduce other operational costs in ways of power consumption, real estate that can otherwise be recouped for more strategic use, equipment maintenance or support contracts.  Additionally, all local and Continental North American long-distance calling are free.

Future Proofing

By adopting a cloud-based solution, it makes it easier to expand the communication system to cope with growth or decline in capacity needs.  Budge allotment for technology acquisition is also reduced as related licensing, software or hardware upgrades disappear as they are inherently managed within the service platform.  Real time capacity usage reports allow for quicker decision making on use of service making allow for improved controls on costs.