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With rising clinical and administrative costs, along with more stringent patient safety procedures, the work of health care facilities is further complicated.

But at the same time, health care agencies want to take full advantage of the recent technological advances in their office phone system that would enable them to better share patient data, safeguard patient privacy and improve health care outcomes.

System Lifeline is empowering healthcare ministries, community organizations, health care centres and hospitals with state-of-the-art communication and data services to help access patient information and ensure a reliable and flexible IT environment to support clinical applications with VoIP services.

Drive down costs, eliminate complexity and empower greater collaboration for all.

VoiP and Unified Communications and closing the gap in cross-border health care

Organizations are now seeing the benefits of cloud-based communications solutions, with the health care industry in particular who has experienced a wide advantage through the influence of VOIP services and other forms of unified communications.

As far as rural areas are concerned VOIP can literally save lives. With a video call over a private connection doctors hundreds of miles away can share precious information and expertise with rural practitioners, assisting in performing important and complex operations. This technology already exists already and can be tailored to the health care industry and can be implemented at a fraction of the costs of alternative solutions.

Using VOIP in the health care sector is the ability to process hundreds of patients calls everyday. By harnessing the power of VoiP and contact center solutions, health care facilities can process and sort out multiple calls at the same time.

This same solution also makes it easier for patients to pay existing balances over the phone once identified by their name and account information, on top of having the ability of being sent automatic reminders about appointments or billing.