Fully Secure Private Network
for Your Business

The System Lifeline Private-WAN (Wide Area Network) services can be used to connect multiple business location to each other using private and secure access technologies.

These offerings are available on both our DSL and Fibre access offerings.

Our Private-WAN technology can also be used to connect your business to your cloud environment hosted with System Lifeline. This can eliminate the need for costly VPN hardware, and provide seamless access to your cloud resources. The result is a unified user experience making your cloud appear to be right there in the office with you.

Traditional “Over-the-Top”, “Virtual Private Network” (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks are just that, virtually private, over the internet. Requiring many ‘tunnels’ between all sites, and potentially requiring costly hardware if the traffic volume is significant.

Private WAN

Private Wide Area Networks are exactly that, fully private networks that do not cross the public internet. In this model there is no need for costly hardware, or a mess of tunnels that span from every site to every-other site. Only 1, private access brought to each site. In this model internet access can be provided from the head-office where IT security policies can be enforced and controlled (such as acceptable website access, and data-loss prevention).

Securely Conect Your Business Locations