Protecting your critical IT infrastructure

System Lifeline secures your network and devices in multiple ways:

Multi-Factor Authentication

With the increase in Cyber Security Incidents being reported, the need to protect your data, systems, and users has never been greater. In many cases, insurance companies are making it mandatory that companies use Multi-Factor Authentication technology to secure their systems.

But what exactly is Multi-Factor Authentication? Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) requires the user to provide two or more verification methods to gain access to a resource, such as an application, online account, VPN, or computer system. (For clarification Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a type of authentication that requires exactly two factors of authentication.)

System Lifeline can help your organization implement and maintain Multi-Factor authentication to protect your IT information, assets, and your user base.

Through our partnership with Duo, we are able to offer your organisation a truly secure MFA environment (with an extremely simple end user experience).

Users simply load the Duo Mobile App on their smart phone. When they login to a corporate asset being protected, they are immediately presented with a login alert notification where they can either approve or deny the request. No code, no text, no phone call.

Upon pressing the “Approve” button, they are seamlessly allowed into the system or application they are attempting to access.

Concerned about security?