When you receive an emailed invoice from System Lifeline, it will contain a link to your account in our FreshBooks portal, where you can view, print, save, and pay your invoices. You can also view an account statement, change your contact information and email preferences, and set up automatic credit card payments for your monthly recurring invoices. Here is how to do that, step-by-step:

Step 1:

Click on the link to an invoice you have received by email from System Lifeline. It will have been sent from “System Lifeline Inc. maildelivery@freshbooks.com” and will look something like this:


Step 2:

The link will take you to the invoice in FreshBooks. From here, you can view the invoice, forward it, print it, save it as a PDF, as well as pay it online. You can also click to see all invoices, payments, and so on.

System Lifeline Invoice

Step 3:

To pay the invoice, click the green “Pay Online” button, and you will be given the choice to pay with a credit card or PayPal.

How would you like to pay?

Step 4:

If you select credit card, you will proceed to the next window to enter the details of your credit card. Please note, System Lifeline has no access to this information, and cannot enter this information on your behalf. You must enter it yourself in FreshBooks for security purposes.

Enter Credit Card Information

If your company receives a recurring monthly invoice, you will see a notice at the bottom of the screen that indicates you may save this credit card information to pay future invoices. Check the box if you would like to do so, and then click “Pay Now.” Important: Only click once! It may appear as if nothing is happening for a moment or two, but multiple clicks will cause problems.

Step 5:

Once the payment goes through, you will see the following message:

Your Payment was Received

If you selected to have your credit card saved for automatic future payments, you will see confirmation of that. You can also click the link to manage your credit card information.

Step 6:

To update, add, or change credit card information for automatic payments, you can also click any invoice link to log into your account, and click “Profile” at the top of the screen.

Invoice - Profile

Step 7:

From within your profile, click the button for “Automatic Payments.”

Profile Information

Step 8:

If you already have credit card information saved for automatic payments, you will see that information. You can click “Change Card” to edit or update the credit card information.

Update Automatic Payments

Step 9:

If you do not have automatic payments set up, you will see information about your recurring invoices, and can click “Save a Card” to add your credit card information.

Add Payment

Step 10:

If you click on “Automatic Payments” and receive the following message, it generally means that you have not yet paid an invoice with your credit card. Once you have paid a monthly invoice via credit card, this message should disappear, and you should be able to set up automatic payments. If you have received an invoice for monthly services, and continue to see this message after paying one with your credit card, please contact System Lifeline at billing@systemlifeline.com or 905-497-7137 for assistance.

Update Your Payment Information